Get your children ready for some high-energy fun and learning. The goal of Awana Clubs is to reach boys and girls for Christ and train them to serve Him. Distinctly Christian and Bible-centered, each club meeting has three distinct segments to provide start-to-finish adventure.

The Awana year begins in September and runs through the end of April. Clubbers may be picked up in the sanctuary at 7:30 pm when the teacher is presented with the child’s matching parent ticket. 



 The lively, and fast paced Game Time features individual and team competition. Kids' natural energy and enthusiasm are unleashed. Kids everywhere love Awana games! 


Awana handbooks emphasize memorization and understanding of key Bible verses. With a leader alongside to encourage and guide, clubbers are rewarded for their achievements as they progress through the handbooks.


The whole club gathers for a Bible message, singing and announcements of upcoming events. One highlight of Large Group Time is the presentation of awards for individual handbook progress and team competition.


The only cost we require for the parent or guardian is for the cost of the club vest or t-shirt. Please make checks payable to Cameron First Baptist Church with Awana in the memo line. If you would like to register online,

Cubbies (3, 4, & 5 year olds) vest - $11

Sparks (Kindergarten-2nd Grade) vest - $11

T&T (3rd-4th Grade) shirt - $16

T&T (5th-6th Grade) shirt - $16


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