• Our Mission:
    Build relationships with the intention of sharing the Gospel (Drawing People to Christ) method and discipleship training. This is a not a difficult trip and the danger is semi-low. The trip is focused on establishing mission churches with Pastor Geraldo Gomes.
  • Our Method:
    One-on-one evangelism and teaching Bible classes.
  • Skills Needed:
    Ability to share the Gospel, your testimony, and teach Bible stories.
  • Receptivity:
    The people are receptive, but uninformed regarding the Gospel.
  • Language:
    Portuguese. We will work with and through translators.
  • Environment:
    The weather in late July through August is warm, with cool evenings. 
  • Team Size:
    Limited to a maximum of five people.
  • Estimated Cost:
    $2,200 (not including passport, visa, and shots)
  • Level: 2.5