​Core Values

Jesus Focused: 

This church is not about us. It is about Jesus Christ. FBC Cameron exists to exalt Jesus above everything else!


Our mission is the Great Commission because lost people matter to God. FBC Cameron exists to point people of “all nations” to God’s Grace found only in Jesus Christ, in all nations!


God’s Word is God’s instructions for God’s People. FBC Cameron exists to teach God’s Word for the purpose of transformation. We must KNOW, DO and BE what God’s Word says.


The world needs a church that looks and acts like Jesus. Living as God’s People means we live differently than those who are lost. FBC Cameron exists to point people of “all nations” to Christ with both the message of the Gospel and lives that have been changed by the Gospel!


Prayer is a conversation with God—speaking and listening. FBC Cameron has a desire for intimacy with God and to do His will, which can only be accomplished through prayer.