This method of sharing the Gospel uses an introduction and an invitation to receive Christ at the conclusion. In addition, there are six different drawing steps used in this method and six different Scripture verses that are used during the drawing.

You will need a Bible, preferably a translation that is easy to read and to understand. If you are presenting the Gospel in English, the New Living Translation (NLT) is an excellent rendering for those who are not familiar with Scripture. Before starting, have the prescribed Bible verses already yellow highlighted to make finding and reading easier,

While a napkin and crayon will suffice, it is recommended to use an 8.5" x 11" plain white sheet of paper and a black ink pen or dark pencil for the drawing, Our responsibility is to give a clear and understandable presentation of the Gospel.

This method of sharing the Gospel assumes the person already has some previous knowledge of the Bible, Jesus, Heaven and Hell. The person does not need to know what the Bible says, or understand that Jesus is really GOD, or that they are convinced that Heaven and Hell are real places, but the person needs to have heard of these terms before. For example, if you are witnessing to a woman in China who has never heard of Jesus or the Bible, then your starting place would be "In the beginning," but if someone has already introduced her to GOD and the Bible, and she has some knowledge that Jesus really does exist, then this method can really help her understand the plan of salvation.