Our Mission: Our mission is to help IMB personnel as they plant churches, disciple others, and pray for their community. 
Our Method: 

One-on-one evangelism and teaching Bible classes.

Skills Needed:
You could be involved in activities such as prayer-walking, evangelism, creative outreach, working in schools and gospel distribution.
​Much of the work involves seed planting.
Hindi is the most commonly spoken language (81%), followed by Punjabi (7%) and Urdu (6%). - We will work with and through translators.
​Daily high temperatures in November are around 82°F, with a low of 58°F. Monsoon season concludes in September and peak travel time is October - March.
Team Size:
This team will be between 4-6 people. 
Expected Dates:

​Leave November 3rd and arrive November 4th. We will depart November 12th and arrive home November 13th. 
Estimated Cost:
Level: 3.0

  • Nearly 82% of the population practices Hinduism, while 12.86% practices Islam. Christianity accounts for 0.87% of the population, while Buddhism accounts for just 0.11%.
  • One Indian rupee is the equal to 0.014 of American currency. For instance, $100 American dollars is the same as 7124.55 Indian rupees. 


Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid (Consult CDC for additional information)

INDIA - NOVEMBER 3-13, 2020