What are unreached people groups? 


What are mission levels?

At Cameron FBC, we want to live out the command to spread the Gospel message to people who have never had the opportunity to hear the name of Jesus. Rather than picking a place on the map, we go where there are unreached people groups. What is an unreached people group? The International Mission Board identifies a people group as not being the same as a country: "Members of a people group share the same ethnic identity. They typically have a common language, a common religion, and a common history. People groups spill over political borders and live in more than one country. When Jesus commanded his followers to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:16–20), he used the word ethne, which refers to people groups and not to geopolitical countries."

The description for a certain Level of the trip is the combination of the perceived ease of travel, actual ministry involved, total cost, and danger involved.  For example, if we were going to Iran to share the Gospel it would be a Level 4 mission trip because the travel would not be easy, only mature believers would be allowed and it is very expensive to fly to Iran, and there is extreme danger. A mission trip to Colorado would be a Level 1 mission trip.