Evangelism and Missions must be central to our mission as a church, as described in Jesus’ Great Commission: “Go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19-20).

 Therefore, First Baptist Cameron is striving to become a Missional Church. We want evangelism and missions to become a Passion, where church leaders and the congregation agree that the church exists to see God glorified in “all nations.” We encourage everyone to be involved in mission trips.

LEVEL 1: Easy Travel, Any Believer, Low Cost, No Danger
LEVEL 2: Any increase in 2 of the four criteria
LEVEL 3: Any increase in 3 of the four criteria
LEVEL 4: Difficult Travel, Mature Believer, Expensive, High Danger

 The description for a certain Level of the trip is the combination of the perceived ease of travel, actual ministry involved, total cost, and danger involved.  For example, if we were going to Iran to share the Gospel it would be a Level 4 mission trip because the travel would not be easy, only mature believers would be allowed and it is very expensive to fly to Iran, and there is extreme danger. A mission trip to Colorado would be a Level 1 mission trip.

 BRAZIL - 2017:

Our Mission: Build relationships with the intention of sharing the Gospel (Drawing People to Christ) method and discipleship training. This is a not a difficult trip and the danger is semi-low. The trip is focuses on establishing mission churches with Pastor Geraldo Gomes.

Our Method: One-on-one evangelism and teaching Bible classes.

Skills Needed: Ability to share the Gospel, your testimony, and teach Bible stories.

Receptivity: The people are receptive, but uninformed regarding the Gospel.

Language: Portuguese. We will work with and through translators.

Environment: ​It will start to get cooler in May.

Team Size: Limited to a maximum of 6 people.

Expected Dates: June 13-23

Estimated Cost: $2,300 (not including passport, visa, and shots)

Level: 2.5

Youth Trip- Colorado Springs 2017

Our Mission: To work with Pastor David Mortiz and The Fount. We will be doing a VBS, a sports camp and teaching the leaders of the Fount.

Our Method: One-on-one evangelism and teaching Bible classes.

Skills Needed:​ Ability to share the Gospel, your testimony, and teach Bible stories.

Receptivity: The are receptive and open to the Gospel.

Language:  English and Flippino

Environment: Warm with a chance of it being cool. Since, we are going to Colorado

Team Size: 15

Expected Dates: June 24-30

Estimated Cost: ​$100

Level: 1.0

Future Mission Trip Plans

India - 2018:
Nigeria – 2018
Honduras - 2018