How Many Sponsors Will Our Church Need to Bring?
We require a male sponsor for every six boys and a female sponsor for every six girls. 

What Are the Responsibilities of the Sponsor and Youth Pastor?
The youth pastor and sponsors are there to deepen their relationships with the youth and to encourage them in their faith.  Sponsors supervise their students, help with Saturday afternoon activities, and transport them to and from service projects.  Youth Pastors lead the church debrief time, which is a time set aside to discuss the events of the day and how God may be at work in the students’ lives. 

  • Student Participant Form, A Signed Medical Release Form

- Churches participating are required to mail a copy of their church insurance form to God’s Mountain Ministries no later than April 1st.
- Churches are responsible for completing a background check on all event sponsors dating back no later than January 1, 2016. 
- All forms and fees can be mailed to Pastor Scott Hill with Cameron First Baptist Church at 202 E. Ford St. in Cameron, Missouri. The last day to register is
March 22nd.

- Space is limited to 60 boys and 60 girls. First to tell me that they can come, will get their space reserved. 
- Pastor Scott Hill is leading the planning and organization of the event.  Contact him anytime at 816-632-7251 or by email at 

What Do I Need to Know?

I'm a youth pastor or leader and I want my church to go to this event! 

What Forms Do I need to Bring to Registration?

What Forms Do Sponsors Need to Turn Into the Youth Leader or Pastor? 

What Forms Do I need to Submit before Sunday, March 22nd?

  •  A Signed Medical Waiver Form
  •  $30 Registration Fee
  • List of students attending, their gender, and their grade
  • Group Registration Fee: All checks can be made out to Cameron First Baptist Church
  • Mail information and payment to: 202 E. Ford St. Cameron, MO 64429