We try to read through the Bible at the same time as a church. The purpose for this Bible reading plan is to allow the people of the church to SOAP journal through the same Scriptures together each month. For most months, the required reading will be less than one chapter a day. This is a Bible reading schedule that we are attempting to continue doing together for 2019:
January            Romans

February          Numbers

March              Ephesians

April                 1 & 2 Kings

May                  Colossians

June                 Deuteronomy

July                  1 & 2 Peter

August             Judges

September       Revelation

October           Psalm

November        Ruth

December        Gospel of John

This will be 14 of the 66 Books 

Scripture. Observation. Application. Prayer. 

Follow along with us as we dive into God's word and make scripture apply to our daily lives. 

Bible Reading Schedule

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